Make Art is also the opportunity to attend a series of lectures and debates open to everybody. The topics discussed during lectures will concentrate on the love-hate relationship between open source culture and post-industrial societies. Symbiosis and contamination within the institutions or transplant rejection?

Tux wine

FLOSS howto

Friday 27th of January - 20:30 - Maison de l'Architecture

What are the most important differences between Open source software and free ones? Am I allowed to modify proprietary software I bought? What is the aim when somebody shares his/her software source? Is it possible to implement these patterns to creation and art? What is copyright going to become, copyright or copyleft? By the way, does all of this stuff respect the law?

  • Jean-Baptiste Soufron (Wikimedia - Paris. France)
  • Pierre Jarillon (ABUL - Bordeaux. France)

Spring Alpha

free utopies

Friday 27th of January - 21:45 - Maison de l'Architecture

Spring_Alpha is a game, or rather an exploration of the social and software implications in relation with the practice of Open source. Spring_Alpha is an emulation and a simulation based on painter Chad McCail's work. For this system social rules and world representation are directed by code lines. Do you want to move to Spring_Alpha?

With :
amphi université

Pre-packaged universities

Sunday 29th of January - 14:00 - Maison de l'Architecture

Why put together a research program when all you need is to answer the industry's requests? Why reflect on the nature of tools when they're handed to us pre-packaged? Why mix colours when the right tone is already referenced? Why look elsewhere...

  • Derek Hales (School of Art and Design - Huddersfield University. Great-Britain)
  • Anthony Iles (Mute Magazine - London. Great-Britain)

squat kupele

The art of war in the "simcities"

Sunday 29th of January - 15:30 - Maison de l'Architecture

The refusal to adhere to easy speeches and pre-packaged solutions are admittedly noble gestures, but often bring around reject, isolation or even the destruction by the host organism. How do you survive in such conditions? How do you get organised? Which tools? Is hacktivism a religion or a means of survival in modern societies?


The good word

Sunday 29th of January - 17:00 - Maison de l'Architecture

This won't be the first time that a tendency with alternative roots has made its way out of the dark to become an exact duplicate of the empires it fought during its youth. What do these ideals become when structured? Is it possible to dance with the devil, and more importantly what does the open source culture offer in a world of technical arts that are redefined every decade?

  • Simon Yuill (Your Machines - Glasgow. Great-Britain)
  • Jaromil ( - Amsterdam. Netherlands) to be confirmed
  • Gisle Frøysland (BEK - Bergen. Norway)