Make Art is an occasion to watch numerous perfomances done by artists using or creating open source software. A different view of free and independant artistic production...

Pure Data Gang Bang 2005

Chun Lee (TW), Marloes de Valk (NL), Jan Kees van Kampen (NL) - "321t-set" | |

Tuesday 20:00 - Maison de l'Architecture

321t-set is the opening performance of the festival. Original and never performed before, this improvisation for two violins, one guitar and three laptops tries to put analogue instrumentalisation first, and take a fresh look at 'laptop performances'.
Jan-Kees van Kampen studied electronic music and composition in Hilversum. His software struggles to facilitate fluid handling of musical notions, which deal with fractal patterns, undanceable rhythms, amorphic scapes, the sine-noise continuum, and their application in other digital disciplines. He also takes part in a Cologne-based network-band called pbup (powerbooks unplugged). Chun Lee is a musician/composer from Taipei, Taiwan who now lives and works in London. Initially trained as a classical musician, he became increasingly fascinated by the technological and experimental aspect of contemporary music. He now focuses his compositional practice on algorithmic/generative music using software tools such as Max/Msp and Pd. Marloes de Valk is a Dutch audiovisual artist, currently based in the UK. Starting out as a visual artist who played violin, she managed to merge the auditive with the visual after her studying Sound and Image. Her focus is on creating her own digital instruments and trying to breathe life into her computer.

Ixi software

Ixi software (GB) - "Extracts from the Pidgin Project"

Friday 22:45 - Maison de l'Architecture

Ixi software works on the elaboration of original interfaces for creating digital musical instruments. By trying to create "non-musical" interfaces, they are trying to open up computer assisted improvisation to new directions.
The Pidgin Project is a research into a Basque-Icelandic dictionary from the 17th century. Parts of the project are study of the geographical area where this dictionary was created. The performance is a sound extract from those locations with a visual side as well.


ClaudiusMaximus (GB)

Saturday 28th of January - 21:00 - Le Confort Moderne

Claude Heiland-Allen is a digital artist from London, where he has spent most of his life. Art was his first love, or was it computers? Either way the three of them have been involved in a tangled relationship for longer than he can remember.
Ten years of using proprietary software was enough, and in 2004 he made a break for freedom. No more having to use hacks of dubious legality to add extra features to his tools of choice, no more worry over whether his files will be useable in the distant future after the software vendor is long gone and forgotten.
He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Oxford UK, then devoted his time to learning the arts of Linux, Puredata and Gridflow.


0xA (TW/FR) - "0.1a3" |

Saturday 28th of January - 21:00 - Le Confort Moderne

Chased by the operators, we started to live in the empty ghosts left by the machines. As we were growing in communities, they started to claim the ownership of our seeds. Today we defend our territories and create our own tools.
What is left when the ether is gone ?
Will you meet me at the intersection of rows and columns ?
The cells are fed by tasks and processes, the vesicles carry the bits, and you just can't help to see patterns in this dataflow.


NullPointer (GB)

Saturday 28th if January - 21:00 - Le Confort Moderne

Tom Betts has produced several masterpieces of electronica under his pseudonym Vendor Refill since 1997 under Nature, Skam or Warp imprint. Also know as Nullpointer, Tom Betts is an artist, programmer, composer and performer living in Penistone, West Yorkshire. He is amongst the most prolific and versatile artists practising in the field of digital and interactive media. He specialises in generative programming techniques; his creative output includes interactive music games, computer game modifications, installations, software, live music performances, musical composition and his experimental pop band, Weevil. Tom is also co-founder of the station, rand()%, a collaboration between with Joe Gilmore. Tom is currently part of a research group at The University of Huddersfield, where he also teaches on the BA [Hons] Computer Games Design and Virtual Reality and Animation courses.

Dave Griffiths, Yaxu Sonar 2005

Yaxu and Dave Griffiths (GB) | | |

Saturday 28th of January - 21:00 - Le Confort Moderne

Dave Griffiths et Yaxu collaborate on a unique performance where software is created and manipulated to create a live, networked audio-visual performance. In the spirit of openness, Alex and Dave will project their screens so you can see them change and develop their code (perl, fluxus).
Dave Griffiths started writing software art in ZX BASIC on a Sinclair Spectrum, he now writes free software audio and graphics applications, and performs improvised music and animation by live coding. He is part of T.O.P.L.A.P. (Temporary Organisation for the Promotion of Live Algorithm Programming) live coding group and a founding member of the Openlab London free software performers collective.
Yaxu is Alex McLean, and makes music and art using the Perl programming language. He performs with Adrian Ward as the live intelligent ambient gabba combo 'slub', who together have been making people dance to their code in festivals and nightclubs across Europe for the last five years. Alex is a also a member of the Openlab free software collective, founding member of the T.O.P.L.A.P. live coding group, member of the state51 conspiracy, postgrad student of Arts Computing at Goldsmiths College, co-organiser of the monthly dorkbotlondon meetings, and programmer of and


Soudo (FR) - "Nothing is lost"

Sunday 29th of January - 15:00 - Maison de l'Architecture

Young artist from Poitiers, Aurélien Bourdier creates a minimalist "ambient" music between electronica and jazz music. Frequencies, bleeps, silences and deconstructed rythms interfer on sound layers, all together creating refined and ethereal music. Using free and open source tools, in particular Pure Data, Soudo carves, twists and recycles sounds in real-time in order to create a new sound world offering harmonies. A live performance where computer becomes a production and experimentation tool for giving emotions.

no.systemz img

Marloes de Valk (NL) - ""

Sunday 29th of January - 16:30 - Maison de l'Architecture is the result of a quest to confuse 3D software with the properties of space. 3D software is very aware of how objects take up space, like in the real world, though there is one difference with reality: in the virtual world different objects can reside in exactly the same space. Not without consequences though: the software cannot choose which object has priority, its confusion starts to show itself in wonderful patterns as the objects' surfaces blend together. Different sounds are used as controls to play with the objects, moving them around the space, searching for moments of unsortable geometry.

no.systemz img

Adrian Vacca (NL)

Sunday 29th of January - 18:00 - Maison de l'Architecture

At early age Adrian Vacca found a cows attention to suit much better to his type of music, than a human being does. Since he's been making music for cows exclusively. Currently investigating a cows eagerness to host a 802.11g access-point for rural coverage for his "computer musik concerts for the modern cow", which for 2 years also found their ways to the placard festival, he yields ultimate pace in these fields.