make art



The opening of the festival and the exhibition takes place Wednesday the 4th of April at 19h.


During make art, la Maison de l'Architecure will be transformed into a laboratory where you can hear electrical signals travelling through an open circuit, change the rules of a society, find your Magnetic Identity (and free it) and simply enjoy five beautiful pieces of art. >>>
from Wed. 4th to Sun. 8th of April

Workshop Pure Data

A workshop on Pure Data and physical modeling, taught by Nicolas Montgermont (FR) and Cyrille Henry (FR). The workshop focusses on Physical Modeling and will teach students how to build their own interactive audiovisual instruments. >>>
from Tue. 3rd to Fri. 6th of April

Screening of "The Code"

This evening is an opportunity to completely immerse yourself into the philosophy, history and practicalities of FLOSS culture. The evening starts with a talk about free software in France, followed by the screening of film-documentary "The Code". After the screening, the Finnish director of "The Code", Hannu Puttonen, is present to answer questions and discuss his work with the audience. >>>
Thu. April 5th


Today is all about Free Libre Open Source tools for artistic creation. make art has invited 6 artists/coders to present the software they've been developing and the projects they've been working on. Find out about the ins and outs of circuit bending, mobile media, tools to code sound and more. >>>
Sat. April 7th


What happens when FLOSS meets ART ? make art investigates this question through a series of lectures and debates focused on this symbiosis, from the perspectives of individual artists, institutions, academies and universities. Guests will talk about topics such as how to incorporate FLOSS in a curriculum of an art school, why they use FLOSS and most importantly, what artworks are born out of this. >>>
Sun. April 8th

Concerts and performances
BEK.NO(ISE) evening @ Carré Bleu

This year, make art is proud to present an evening full of Norwegian sounds, straight from Piksel festival, Bergen. Piksel is an annual event for artists and developers working with free and open source audiovisual software, organized by BEK. Since Piksel and make art are sort of half sisters, both festivals decided to invite eachother to present their finest. >>>
Fri. April 6th - Carré Bleu

Audiovisual performances @ Planétarium

Using physical modeling as a basis for both audio and visuals, creates a very intuitive bond between them. Both of tonites performances are performed using digital instruments that use this principle. They simulate forces such as elasticity and gravity to move the inner worlds of the sound and image they've created. >>>
Sat. April 7th - Planétarium

Closing Party @ Confort Moderne

We have saved the best for last. This evening starts with the subtle layered sounds of bl0bj0b, then takes you through an entire evolution in the 132nd big bang, soothes your appetite with the eye and ear candy of Cracktux, and lifts your spirit with the dreamy improvisations of Earweego. Last but not least, make art can honestly say it is gonna close with a bang, as 5VOLTCORE attacks the creation of live visuals with hammers and angle grinders. >>>
Sun. April 8th - Confort Moderne


You can find an overview of the week here. You can also download the pdf.