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_rrr (MX)

_rrr: energy in constant oscillation between the folkloric and childlike.

_rrr is an audiovisual performance trio from Mexico formed by Ernesto Romero, Ezequiel Netri, and Jaime Villarreal. The group perform live using computers and electronic circuits of their own design. Both playful and light-hearted, the music of _rrr approaches themes of personal and social importance creating a portrait of their human condition. Their style is influenced by elements of noise, pop, folkloric, 8bit, silly, classical and contemporary music and accompanied by visuals that project and interact with an imaginary world inhabited by an unruly mixture of the surreal and mundane.

_rrr seek to transform their environment through the use of alternative discourses that intervene the social web by manipulating the evocation of local collective memories and questioning overvalued notions of identity. By distorting established languages their work invokes the unexpected, the uncertain and the nonsensical to provoke emotions and alter perceptions.

Using custom handmade interfaces built with electronics and microcontrollers _rrr "play" their music in way that explores both performative and recreational senses of the word. The use of free and open source platforms forms an essential part of their production, providing a context which fosters the creation of signs through a process based on constant dialog and feedback.

Through their participation in a diverse range of conferences, festivals and other events related to the theme of free software, the group actively promotes a culture of artistic creation based on the free exchange of information and collaborative production.

Ernesto Romero Mariscal Guasp
Born in Mexico City in 1975. Studied composition in the Musical Research and Studies Center (CIEM). Presently heads the Audio Workshop of Centro Multimedia CENART where he researches and develops technology applied to the arts. He is cofounder of the audiovisual experimental group "mU", the interdiciplinary company Los Platelmintos, and the audiovisual experimental group _rrr.

Ezequiel Netri
Experimental electronic musician, bass player, composer. From 2004 to 2008 worked with the experimental audiovisual group mU exploring various media such as telematic concerts, live coding, laptop performance, hardware hacking. Currently works at Centro Multimedia, CENART, Audio Workshop conducting research on the subject of free software and teaching courses to students of SuperCollider3.

Jaime Villarreal
Artist, technologist and researcher. Combining elements of narrative and performance with software development and electronic design for interactive systems, Villarreal's practice draws on his training as a filmmaker and later as an interactive media developer at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Currently a researcher at the National Center for Arts of Mexico, Villarreal examines the use of free software for artistic creation.

_rrr (MX)