Naked on Pluto “ Share your way to a better world ” Mon, 23 Sep 2013 09:34:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Naked on Pluto in Taiwan Mon, 23 Sep 2013 09:34:19 +0000 Naked on Pluto is being exhibited as part of Taiwan’s
SUPER-CONNECT–2013 International Techno Art Exhibition
– here is a screenshot of the wonderfully re-created surveillance library including game player log books and propaganda messages:


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Baltan Laboratories FaceSponge workshop Wed, 15 Aug 2012 12:13:43 +0000 This is a very late report on a workshop on Facebook livecoding/hacking we gave at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven in May. We were invited us to run a workshop based on Naked on Pluto as part of their Tools Series:

The Tools Series is a series of Baltan Sessions that examines the complex and changing relationships artists and designers have with the technologies and tools they develop, modify or use to create, with an aim to explore social awareness around the tool choices they make as well as the (aesthetic) influences of these choices on the work they create.

During the Naked on Pluto project one of the key ways to confront the problems of centralised social networks turned out to be to encourage a deeper understanding of the processes and protocols of these sites.

So, like the previous workshop at CCCB, we centred this around a web application called FaceSponge, which we developed as a social programming interface giving quick access to the Facebook API and allowing participants to try out each other’s scripts. The other key issue was to find out people’s opinions, and so we collected answers on post-it’s to three questions for each area, which the participants later sorted for presentation to the public.

Social advertising

This workshop was perfectly timed with Facebook’s IPO, and as 82% of it’s revenue comes from advertising we started off by working on a simple spoof advert. We took one friend, and picked something they have ‘liked’ and wrote some code to promote it. This is what happens on social networks where a brand gets advertised to you because one of your friends follows or likes it. Being able to put a friend’s name in an advert is seen as an exciting future of advertising (or perhaps less so as the share price continues to drop).

function runme() {
    FB.api("/me/friends", function(friends) {
        FB.api("/""/likes", function(likes) {
            display(" endorses "" BUY SEVERAL TODAY!");
            FB.api("/""/picture?type=large", function(picture) {


There are vast amounts of pictures available on facebook, and it was fun to write a script that presented them all back at in a chaotic manner without any other information. This also gave us a chance to show how the privacy on Facebook is imaginary, as the URL’s FB gives you for your friend’s pictures are public – regardless of anyone’s privacy settings.

// showing the holes in the walls                                               
// you think your photos are private?                                           
// these images are accessible without a login                                  
function runme() {
    FB.api('/me/friends', function(friends) { {
            FB.api('/''/photos', function(f) {
                 if (>0) {
                     // show the public url                                     
                     // show the image                                          

Social pressures

The third area we were interested in exploring was the more subtle ways that social media are affecting communication methods. We came up with this strange script that collects the last things posted by your friends and puts them together without information on who posted them, or who they are for:

function runme() {
    FB.api('/me/friends', function(friends) { {
            FB.api('/''/feed', function(feed) {
                if ( &&>0
                    &&[0].message) {

We continued to play with and adapt these scripts in order to show more information. The mood was interesting as it flipped from serious to hilarity and then slight awkwardness at what we were dredging up. We followed each of these practical sessions by collecting feedback on thoughts and emotions for each section. Although this was a very demanding workshop (changing between coding, politics, funny juxtapositions of friend’s personal data and having to think about how it felt) we recorded a wide range of thoughts – from the dismissive, “doesn’t matter” to the outright enraged. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this workshop was being able to expose these mechanisms to groups of people normally considered ‘users’.

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Neural 42 extra – VIDA Awards 13.2 DVD Wed, 01 Aug 2012 11:49:54 +0000 Photo neural mag #42


Neural #42 extra, VIDA Awards 13.2 DVD, an introduction and contextualization about VIDA Awards 13.2 edition and its winners, made by Artistic Director Monica Bello (only for subscribers)

artists: Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux and Dave Griffiths (Holland, France, UK), Paul Vanouse (USA), Cesar Harada (Japan-France), Verena Friedrich (Germany)
This DVD contains an introduction and contextualization about VIDA Awards 13.2 edition and its winners, made by Artistic Director Monica Bello, plus every winner presenting his own work. In fact, the first prize was awarded to Naked on Pluto, by Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux, and Dave Griffiths, all from the Netherlands, an online game that mocks the deceitfully invasive nature of most “social software” platforms. Ocular Revision, the Second Prize, by Paul Vanouse, from the US, is the third one in a series of Biological/Genomic works that use DNA and a gel-based electrophoresis system as medium and subject. With this live installation, Vanouse addresses the idea of a “genetic mapping” and reflects on the ever changing focus/object in “life” studies within scientific disciplines. Protei by César Harada, from France, took the Third Prize. Protei is a self-governing unmanned wind-powered sail-robot, which drags a long petrol-sucking boom, using the power of nature to solve a problem caused by man. Furthermore there’s also the Honorary Mention Transducers – 2010-2012 by Verena Friedrich from Germany which is an installation consisting of a number of laboratory glassware vessels containing just one biological element: a single human hair. Every one of the glass vessels also contains a set of mechanical devices and electronic components with theresources required to produce an audible vibrating response based on the reading of the DNA in the hair. In this way, the biological samples generate a soundscape in which we hear exclusive and personal vibrations, combining to create of polyphony of human hair.

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Robots and Avatars Tue, 17 Apr 2012 11:36:12 +0000

Naked on Pluto is part of the exhibition Robots+Avatars, shown at FACT, Liverpool, 16 March – 27 May 2012.

Robots and Avatars Exhibition showcases the most exciting visions and innovations from international artists, designers and architects, exploring their impact on the future of work and play. Robots and Avatars departs from pop culture imagery and re-imagines these technologies for a new reality: how do we envisage our future relationships with robotic and avatar colleagues and playmates, and what point does this evolution cross our personal boundaries of what it is to be a living, feeling human being?

Robots and Avatars is a programme of work which began in 2009. It was originally conceived and produced by body>data>space who led the project through research and development into an EU Culture project involving 5 other UK and European partners

The exhibition presents immersive experiences – from physical limbs rendered into pixels through the act of touch, collaborative landscapes stretching beyond the confines of popular gaming, to wearable and interactive technologies that guide and confound, including a new Commission developed in collaboration with the National Theatre: “Visions of our Communal Dreams”.

naked on pluto at robots and avatars

The Robots and Avatars Exhibition presents at FACT, Liverpool (UK) from 16 March to 27 May 2012, and will tour onwards to AltArt, Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and KIBLA (Slovenia) in 2012.

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Identity and Simulation. Artificial Life on the Networks Wed, 21 Mar 2012 15:37:36 +0000

With Jussi Parikka, Pau Waelder, Aymeric Mansoux and Mónica Bello. Recorded (VO EN/ES) in Barcelona the 24th of February 2012 as part of the I+C+i Our Life Online session at CCCB.

Internet is changing our way of understanding the public space. The Web has become a dominant structure that covers all aspects of contemporary society. The proliferation of virtual agents, designed to stimulate non-fortuitous reactions and meetings, reconfigures the profile of individuals in dynamics that are innovative but also invasive, and generates new forms of control. In this brand new context, identity and simulation become decisive themes of behaviour on the Web.

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Photos from the Naked on Pluto installation at ARCO Fri, 02 Mar 2012 11:42:49 +0000 Thanks to the VIDA team for the nice shots.

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Report from ARCO 2012 Madrid Mon, 20 Feb 2012 12:16:01 +0000 Naked on Pluto entered the world of contemporary art last week as part of the VIDA/telefonica exhibit at the ARCO 2012 art fair in Madrid. This was the culmination of a lot of work making the game into an installation format, which represented the library as the centre of control and surveillance in Elastic Versailles. The installation consists of books printed from information stored in the game archives over the previous year, slogans and glowing LED books on the walls. We also had terminals running the game with the projection of the live game world in a circle in the middle of the space.

For this installation we wanted to create a highly formalised room, all right angles, straight lines and consistent colours of blue, dark grey and white. VIDA’s crew of architects and builders put in a lot of effort for us to achieve this, and were also very helpful tweaking it according to our strange requests.

During the opening event and later on, it was interesting to see different types of visitor. The older, perhaps more contemporary art focused groups had an extremely short attention span and so were not really engaging with the work much. The younger visitors however were tending to stay longer, even logging in to Facebook in order to try the game (and alarmingly, sometimes leaving themselves logged in). I think the initial hook for this engagement were the slogans on the edges of the bookshelves – for future installations we need to consider different strategies for setting the scene, as it will need to change with different locations and contexts.

One of the great things about these events is meeting the other artists (and VIDA award winners) who were setting up and exhibiting their work – Paul Vanouse with Ocular Revision, Sebastian Muellauer and Toni Nottebohm with Protei and Verena Friedrich with Transducers. These projects are an interesting combination, with more finished and specifically designed for installation work (Ocular Revision, Transducers) mixing with the more in progress, or conceptual things like Naked on Pluto as software art, or Protei, which is a large collaborative project still very much in active development.

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Our Life online – Workshop+debate – 24 February 2012 at CCCB Fri, 17 Feb 2012 09:13:47 +0000 The first session of I+C+i 2012 carries out a critical explanation of software policies, the notion of identity on the social networks and the impact of simulation caused by new artificial life applications. A workshop taught by Naked on Pluto, winners of the VIDA 13.2 prize and Gerald Kogler, and a discussion with the participation of experts such as Jussi Parikka, Pau Waelder, Aymeric Mansoux, and Mónica Bello, promise an intense day of action and reflection on lesser known aspects of our life on the web.

Session organised in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica.

WORKSHOP: Facesponge with Aymeric Mansoux and Gerald Kogler. 10h-14h

Have you ever wondered what is going on “behind the scenes” on social networks like Facebook? In this workshop we will explore our so-called social data and get a glimpse at how it is viewed by the company and third parties who access it. In order to break several myths about Facebook applications, you will be invited to take part in designing small programs that extracts and manipulate you and your friend’s online information. Nothing will be written back to Facebook at any time, we will only be reading existing data. No data will be collected or viewable by anyone else.

No programming experience is required. Basic knowledge of javascript can be useful to explore more advanced possibilities of the Facesponge sandbox.

This workshop is part of the Naked on Pluto project, a critical text adventure Facebook game concerned with issues of online privacy and control within centralized commercial social networks, designed and written by Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux and Dave Griffiths.

Facesponge is developed in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories.
All Naked on Pluto software is released under free culture licenses.


* Naked on Pluto presentation
* Gameplay session
* Anatomy of an FB app
* Introduction to Facesponge
* Breaking FB apps myths
* Group discussion

Practical information:

* The workshop will be taught in English.
* You will need to bring your own laptop.
* Places are limited.

DEBATE: Identity and simulation. Artificial life on the networks. With Jussi Parikka, Pau Waelder, Aymeric Mansoux and Mónica Bello. 19h-21h

Internet is changing our way of understanding the public space. The Web has become a dominant structure that covers all aspects of contemporary society. The proliferation of virtual agents, designed to stimulate non-fortuitous reactions and meetings, reconfigures the profile of individuals in dynamics that are innovative but also invasive, and generates new forms of control. In this brand new context, identity and simulation become decisive themes of behaviour on the Web.


Workshop + Debate: 6€
Please send an email explaining the reasons for your interest to
Limited capacity!

Debate: 3€
Tel-entrada (tel. 902 101 212 /
CCCB page for the event

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Setting up Naked on Pluto at ARCO Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:12:25 +0000 If you are in Madrid this week come to visit the exhibition of VIDA
13.2 showcasing some of the projects awarded in the last edition of
the Art and Artificial Life International Awards, including Naked on Pluto. You will find us at the Fundacion Telefonica stand at Arco Madrid.

In the last days Dave and the whole VIDA team are putting together the final bits of the installations. Come and check the result from the 16th of the 19th of this month.

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Library projection progress Wed, 08 Feb 2012 12:17:39 +0000

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