Metabiosis – Dependence of one organism on another for the preparation of an environment in which it can live

Metabiosis is a collection of works about digital life and autonomous creation processes. We are developing, writing, sketching, investigating and working on a series of sub projects, with as a final goal a collection of interconnected software that combines all our efforts. Because we are working in a modular way, we cannot predict the eventual results. Metabiosis is an experiment and a game for those who are curious about generative and self-organizing systems in the ever growing ecosystem of connected machines.

On the project site you can find articles about different aspects of Metabiosis: the code, texts with thoughts, ideas and research, input that gives us new ideas, and information about events such as exhibitions or performances.

Metabiosis is made possible with support from: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Netherlands Media Art Institute, Waag Society, Kunsthochshule fur Medien Koln, and the Digital Research Unit