6 is the result of a quest to confuse 3D software about the properties of space. 3D software is very aware of how objects take up space, like in the real world, though there is one difference with reality: in the virtual world different objects can reside in exactly the same space. Not without consequences though: the software cannot choose which object has priority, its confusion starts to show itself in wonderful patterns as the objects’ surfaces blend together. Different sounds are used as controls to play with the objects, moving them around the space, searching for moments of unsortable geometry.(2005/2006) has been performed at 5 DAYS OFF festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands (15.07.05), Ultrasound, Huddersfield, UK (26.11.05) and make art festival, Poitiers, France (29.01.06)

This work was made possible with support from The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture