What remains

What remains is a time capsule and multi-layered archive of a small part of our history, seen through the lens of an already much warmer planet.

It is 1986. You just came home from a skate session when a Nintendo game cartridge is dropped in your letterbox. You run out to see who delivered it, but only see a beige Ford Scorpio disappear around the corner. Excited to know what kind of game is on the cartridge, you visit your friend who just bought a brand new Nintendo console console two weeks ago. You start playing and after about 10 minutes of exploration in what seems to be an adventure game, a strange screen pops up prompting you to enter a code…

What remains is a game and research project investigating how technology and the media influence the way we perceive ourselves and humanities current biggest challenge: global warming. The game is set in the eighties, a time where we were not yet past the tipping point and could have drastically changed the way we live in order to keep our species safe. The story unravels the many different influences on public opinion, keeping us from taking measures to improve our chances of survival in the future. In line with the project’s concept, the game is developed on reused old hardware, the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Nintendo Famicom consoles and repurposed cartridges.

Propagating a circular approach to archiving, which embraces copying, reuse, and negotiates authority, the game breathes new life into archival strategies.

For more details please visit the project’s website.