Alessandra 7351 Live at Out of the Attic


Aymeric Mansoux playing in the Attic

The 15th of July, next to Open Mode Collective and Bottle Dave and the Sliders, I was invited to perform at “Out of the Attic!” The event was organised by Darija Medić and Maria Karagianni as part of an ongoing series of exhibitions and live projects organized in an ad-hoc way:

The first “Out of the attic” ad hoc show started as an attempt to reach for those left over or unrealized ideas and works, tucked away in one’s attic, in order to bring them to a public one.
For the second “Out of the attic” ad hoc show artists were invited to implement works in the realm of sound and space throughout the attic of Sint-Mariastraat. By appropriating the space of the attic, inhabited with personal stories, we carry out an attempt of displacement, how previously unrelated works can blend into an unaltered, distinct space.

For the occasion and to stick to the attic thematic, I decided to perform a quadraphonic piece that I wrote a couple of years ago. In fact, I had quite a hard time to locate the work as for some reasons it had never been properly backed up or put under (D)VCS. I knew it was somewhere, but not quite sure where. Actually I had no clue where it was. After some cold sweats and some shell find/xargs/grep action I eventually found it in a forgotten tarball, within another tarball, inside a dusty hard drive in … my own attic. I took the opportunity to finally document the project and put the patch under version control. That also gave me some motivation to start some bitrot diving into all these disks and save/document whatever I’ve been busy with in the past years and that I would like to share (hope springs eternal).

Anyway, back to the performance, everything went well, and thanks to Joe Monk who helped setup an improvised DIY quadraphonic system across the different rooms of this under-the-roof venue, I was good to go.

Here is a stereo mixdown of the performance directly dumped from Pd:


Thanks to Darija Medić for the live action photo!