Embed an Unknown Image


No idea what this image is

Trust me, I have (almost) no idea what is the image that you currently see above.

Eleanor Greenhalgh, a graduating student at the Piet Zwart Institute is currently leading a small social experiment in which she asks to the participants to host an image on their site. Except that you do not actually host the image, you just point to its URL and what is at the other end is on a wiki that can be edited by just anyone at Piet Zwart.

It does not seem much, but it is actually quite frightening to allow an uncontrolled element populate your site and therefore manipulate your online identity (ad networks anyone?), your branding, persona, etc, in a context that while being technically trivial and common to every site is in fact not expected. This is a blog, not a wiki, therefore the content will not be perceived the same, even with this text and the sorry disclaimer that opens this very post.

On top of that because anyone on the wiki can change the image, not just the participants of the experiment, there is a possibility to have a rather complicated version of the prisoner’s dilemma, as the latter will be strongly influenced by external factors, namely trolls who have nothing to loose or gain.

If you want to join, follow the simple instructions, and let Eleanor know about it.