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Good news, everyone!

The SKOR Codex, the first, only, and therefore most successful project from La Société Anonyme is back with some news. Right now if you’re near Austria, Graz to be precise, you can check one of the eight copies of the codex at ESC as part of the I share therefore I am exhibition. If you’re quick you might even be able to get an exclusive advisory chat with creative post-media industries specialist Marloes de Valk.

If you’re stuck at home and fed up stuffing yourself with entire seasons packs in a row from the finest TV series, do not despair, this link will bring you to Alessandro Ludovico’s latest piece, The liquid library, in which he explores the transformation of the library, as an idea, object and location, illustrating his perspective on the matter with several examples including The SKOR Codex.

Finally, if Ludovico’s article got you all excited about reading more on the context in which current digital forms of writing and publishing are both challenging and being challenged by the materiality of the book, order a copy of the latest new formations, titled Materialities of text: between the codex and the net and edited by Jeremy Gilbert, Sas Mays and Nicholas Thoburn. Yes, you’ll be delighted to see that The SKOR Codex is on the cover, sadly enough not as a centrefold, an idea that I’d like to see more in academic publications, it would certainly be more interesting than conference poster sessions (drumrolls).

Next codex stop, October 29th in London. More on that soon…

Photo by Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag.