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BEK.NO(ISE) evening - Carré Bleu

Date : Fri. 6th April 2007
Time : 21h
Entrance : 6 eur | free for GOTO10 and Jazz à Poitiers members
Location : Carré Bleu, Poitiers

21.00 - 21.45 --- Audun Eriksen (NO)
22.00 - 22.30 --- Bjørnar Habbestad (NO)
22.45 - 23.15 --- Eva Sjuve (SE)
23.30 - 00.00 --- Lasse Marhaug (NO) and Gisle Frøysland (NO)

This year, make art is proud to present an evening full of norwegian sounds, straight from piksel festival, Bergen. Piksel is an annual event for artists and developers working with free and open source audiovisual software, organized by BEK. Since piksel and make art are sort of half sisters, both festivals decided to invite eachother to present their finest.

BEK artists are supported by Bergen Municipality, the OCA, the MIC and FFUK.

Audun Eriksen (NO)

Audun Eriksen Audun Eriksen has worked with experimental musical instrument since 1994, designing instruments for the Norwegian performance group "the Four". This includes both acoustical and electronic instruments, often played with unusual and/or theatrical movements. Many instruments have been constructed from recycled materials including circuitbent electronic toys.
"Piece for salad oscillators"
Triple oscillator controlled by the resistance of six "live" salads. Slight variations in resistance over time as the salad collapses creates complex waveforms and the plants modulate eachother.
"Concert with circuitbent toys"
The toys are modulated by flesh (current passed through the body of the performer) and mouth cavity resonance (sound passed through the mouth of the performer and then amplified). Pitch is controlled by preprogrammed light pulses using basic stamps, other microcontrollers and by other techniques. The controls of the toys are contructed to make the act of playing interesting to watch as well.

Bjørnar Habbestad (NO)

Bjørnar Habbestad Bjørnar Habbestad followed an education in music, art history and philosophy in Bergen, London and Amsterdam. He performs in various ensembles and constellations, with classical contemporary music, free improvised music and noise. Habbestad has premiered works by several young Norwegian, Dutch and French composers, performed as a soloist, chamber and ensemble musician at festivals including ULTIMA , AllEars 2005, Avignon Festival, Journée de Composition Paris, Borealis, MaiJazz, Holland Festival, Autunnale, and Music Factory a.o. He has also appeared as a soloist with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.
Habbestad has toured extensively with Amsterdam based trio PHÔ and collaborated with musicians and improvisers such as Jazzkammer, Fred Frith, Didi Bruckmayr, Michael Duch, Kjetil Møster and Anders Hana. He is a featured member in a range of N Collective ensembles: in an accoustic duo with Dirk Bruinsma (DB), in USA/USB - an electroaccoustic venture with Jeff Carey and as a regular member of the N Ensemble.

Eva Sjuve (SE/NO)

Eva Sjuve Eva Sjuve, is exploring the intersection of sound, performance and mobile media. She is building physical interfaces to enhance live digital music, and is also implementing musical compositions for mobile devices. Eva Sjuve has been exhibiting in Europe, Asia, USA, South America and Australia, since 1985. She will present 2 performances for make art 2007 : "Go Karamazov" and "Mobile Noise Apparatus".
"Go Karamazov" is a free adaption of Fjodor Dostojevskij's novel Karamazov Brothers, dealing with issues as free will, reason, doubt and faith. "Go Karamazov" is primarily an interactive sound performance, but involves visual elements, such as movement and light.
"Go Karamazov" was developed during an Artist in Residency, organized by Nordscen, under the Nordic Council of Ministers at the Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad, December 2006 to January 2007. The sonic expression is made possible by the use of open source software, Pure Data, and the artist developed a custom built wearable controller for the artistic interaction and visual expression in the form of light. It is a work in progress.
"Mobile Noise Apparatus" is sonic performance using handheld computers, for sonic expression. Today's use of mobile technology is changing the way we create and perceive our everyday life. By implementing the creative use of audio technology in our mobile lifestyle, we become not only consumers, but also creators. As more computing power is implemented in handheld computer systems, these devices can also be used as sound processing systems for live performance.
The handheld computers are using a Linux operating system and open source software to make a sound composition. This is an experimental sonic composition using mobile technology, and is part of research in the use of mobile technology at the Institute of Digital Art and Technology at the University of Plymouth. It is a work in progress.
The first phase of implementation of a sound composition on handheld computer was made possible by a generous grant from Bergen Kommune, 2004, Norway.

Lasse Marhaug (NO) and Gisle Frøysland (NO)

Lasse + Gisle Lasse Marhaug (b. 1974) has since the early 90ies been one of the most active artists in the so-called Norwegian noise scene. As a performer and composer he has contributed to well over 200 CD, vinyl and cassette releases over the years, as well as extensive touring and performing live in Europe, Asia and America. In addition to his solo work, Marhaug plays regularly in Jazkamer, Nash Kontroll, DEL and Testicle Hazard. Past projects and bands include Origami Replika and Lasse Marhaug Band. He has collaborated with several artists in the noise, improv, jazz, rock and extreme metal fields, as well as working with music for theatre, dance, installations and video. Lasse's past collaborators include Merzbow, Kevin Drumm, Peter Rehberg, Otomo Yoshihide, Russell Haswell.
"Marhaug has an impressive range at his fingertips, veering wildly from shock-tactic maximal noise, to near-silent contemplative drones. Much of the time loud and noisy, but also playful and even quiet, wintry and respectful of space and silence" (Ed Pinset, The Sound Projector)
"It basically sounds like your speakers are damaged, or are going to be damaged soon if you don't take the fucking cd out of the player" (unknown online review)
220hex / Gisle Frøysland has for over a decade been one of the key figures of the Norwegisn electronic arts scene. He is a founding member of BEK - the Bergen Centre for Electronic Art, initiator/maintainer of the FLOSS videoapp MøB, and main organiser of the Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway. Since the early 80ies he has been working as a musician, VJ and visual artist, building installations where modern technology and communications is in the main theme and often using various kinds of sensors and cameras to interact with the audience.

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