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make art - a week dedicated to the world of Free Software and digital art

make art is an international festival focussed on Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and open content in digital arts. make art offers performances, presentations, workshops and an exhibition, focused on the blurred line between art and software programming. The festival is dedicated to all free software artists, open hardware hackers and command-line fetishists out there.

make art creates a stage for casual and intensive exchange of knowledge and skill between invited artists, musicians, programmers, specialists and the audience. It combines reflection and production by connecting presentations, workshops, performances and exhibition.

This year make art focusses on distributed and open practices in FLOSS art. What the fork?! is about decentralization. Forking is the new black. Work from one source, copy, patch, improve, experiment, change direction, inspire! Forking is not about quick hacks, but about creating room to experiment, letting go of the one working copy and creating a multiplicity of ideas.

make art takes place from the 8th til the 13th of December 2009 in Poitiers, France.