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The make art 2009 exhibition is a triptych with a very noisy centre. Part I is an ode to plain text and a trip back in time, with a computer simulating an emulator running the first electronically generated text: Christopher Strachey's 'love letters' from 1952. The Guardians of the Tradition take you on a classic plain text adventure with a twist, side by side with Nethack, a 22 year old single-player ascii art video game, a series of MUDS and their totally f&rked history. Part II, the centrepiece, is an arena filled with an army of noisy hardware. Part III quietly shows state of the art FLOSS design, beautiful prints by designers LAFKON and Olivier Laruelle.

Aharon Amir (GB) "Spaghetti fork", Wayne Clements (GB) "Love2", The Guardians of the Tradition (US) "Sidequest", Gijs Gieskes (NL) "Image Scan Sequencer", Gullibloon (AT/DE) "Army of darkness", LAFKON (DE) "make art 2009 posters", Olivier Laruelle (FR) "Invisible commitments"

Opening Thursday 10th of December 2009, 19:00

Open on December 11, 12 and 13 from 10:00 til 19:00
By night on Thursday 10, 21:00-01:00
Entrance: free
Venue: Maison de l'Architecture