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make art - a week dedicated to the world of Free Software and digital art

make art is an international festival focussed on Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) and open content in digital arts. make art offers performances, presentations, workshops and an exhibition, focused on the blurred line between art and software programming. The festival is dedicated to all free software artists, open hardware hackers and command-line fetishists out there.

make art creates a stage for casual and intensive exchange of knowledge and skill between invited artists, musicians, programmers, specialists and the audience. It combines reflection and production by connecting presentations, workshops, performances and exhibition.

chmod +x art The computer as theatre, as writer of love letters, the computer as world, a place for revolution, art as executable. chmod +x art presents artists that turn our ideas, dreams and fantasies about machines and code up side down and show programming as an infinitely intriguing way of creating. Code is a medium. Whether it is used to formulate instructions for a machine, ideas for people or both. The writing of it influences and shapes the creative process of the artist. For that reason, ghost programmers may be left at home. Besides the importance of writing code yourself, it is essential to show that code. Without source, software art remains a magic trick. Do It Yourself and show us your sh*t!

make art takes place from the 2nd til the 7th of March 2010 in Groningen, the Netherlands.