SKOR Codex @ Data As Culture, ODI (UK)

The SKOR Codex is part of the Data As Culture commission of the Open Data Institute. Nine works were selected out of 80 submissions. The exhibition is curated by MzTEK:

In curating the showcase for the ODI we wanted to selected a range of works that would not just reflect different data sources, but works that would challenge our understanding of what data is, and how data may affect and reflect our lives. We were privileged in the breadth of content and the quality of the work that was submitted as part of the open call, allowing for scope to select works that could comment on, complement and challenge perceptions of data in a coherent collection. The works range from geo-magnetic data visualisations to wall painted cellular automata to tabloid newspapers of search term trend graphs – tangible interventions into the mass accretion of data around us.

The selected works, reflect data from the ODI’s focus on value: which can be social, economic, and/or environmental. Data can be real-time or static, collected from personal or local sensors (e.g. heart-rate, movement, transport systems) or online global sources (e.g. stock market fluctuations, air pollution, population demographics). We are interested in work that represents change, movement, and fluctuation in data in innovative ways, abstractly or literally.

More information can be found on the MzTEK and ODI websites.