New music discovery from Austin, Texas.
Cody Wilson is the man behind Corduroi. I don’t know much about this electronic artist since I just stumbled upon him a few days ago.
You can download his five-track EP ‘Anything For Now’ for free off bandcamp. ‘My Dear’ is most definitely my favourite track on the release. And if you haven’t already, check out Corduroi’s video for his track ‘All Ways’. This great video was done by Austin-based film collective Color Chart.

Which ice cream flavor(s) do you like the most?

Oh cookies and cream alllllll the way…

What is your last or upcoming project about?

Corduroi is about discovery and rediscovery. Listening to music you love, old and new, and experiencing it. Music is already a vast universe of endless possibilities and i feel like sampling is a reminder of that.

How do you make music? Any specific workflow or methods?

I have two stations, one is a shitty old desktop where i sample records, cassettes, audio books, video, live instruments, etc. The other station has a hands on live approach which i’ve been working towards. Usually ill just sample anything that catches my attention as potentially recyclable music.

How do you make a living?

Right now i do alot of freelance work through craiglist and word through friends. I was recently in a dick’s sporting goods commercial! I’ve gotten paid a little for scoring some documentary stuff as well.

How do you feel about people sharing your music?

I feel great about it! I’ve never really had my music being spread on a larger scale, through blogs and what not… It’s really new and exciting and i’m really pumped that people are enjoying this stuff!

Who was your musical hero[in]s when you were a kid?

hahaha when i was a little kid i listened to alot of movie soundtracks and the beatles… john williams, weird al yankovic, led zeppelin beastie boys, then i listened to nu-metal for a whie, then around the same time i started listening to radiohead, tortoise, modest mouse, del, and aphex twin. skate videos usually have good music… that’s how i got into more interesting stuff. wayne coyne is my current musical hero!

What musical genre do you love but would never make yourself?

ahhhh that one is hard to say really, i enjoy listening to any type of music just as much as i’d enjoy making it really… i’m always trying to dabble in something new! that’s what sampling is all about for me… no worries of what type of music or genre you’re drawing influence from just trying to create something new and unique through it.

Which artists are you following at the moment?

hmmm james blake a new favorite on the electronic scene for sure, theres a band from New Orleans i played a show with during SXSW called “Caddywhompus” and they were amazing! It was like Battles vs. Avey Tare vs. Health or something.. i bought their record “Remainder” really good stuff highly recommended!

download track All Ways

download track My Dear


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  1. “my dear”: j´aime beaucoup!!!

    à quand la liste des dates de concert de tous ces Artistes sur ton blog? ;-)

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