expr~ released on GOSUB10

— chunito — April 3rd, 2011

expr~ from 0xA is GOSUB10‘s fourth release expr~ is the first music release of 0xA, consists of retro sounding tracks made almost entirely with the [expr~] object in Pure Data. No tweaking of number boxes and sliders, no clever generative algorithms, just switch the audio on and listen. The source code for this release (implemented [...]

z→z²+c released on GOSUB10

— Claude — October 20th, 2010

z→z²+c from ClaudiusMaximus is GOSUB10‘s third release, by a sad coincidence arriving soon after the passing of Benoît Mandelbrot: our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time. The Mandelbrot set is possibly the world’s most famous fractal. z→z²+c is a series of sonifications, focussing on the periodic attractors found almost everywhere [...]