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  1. magda says:

    will you give opt in and out for the access of various bits? for example i am happy to give you access to my online presence, but want you to leave my loved ones alone, etc. Or do i have to allow all access in order to play?

    but i do like the fact that it is such a painfully long list. if i had to tick a box next to each permission would probably make it even more painful though…

    • aymeric says:

      Hello Maga,

      The list above is an extreme case of which permissions an application can request. Such demanding applications do exist though, Marloes came across of a simple stupid gift application that was asking all these!

      For the game we are just using a small subset and basic info. All the manipulations are done in your own browser, we have no access to it, and we are not storing anything on the server except for your user id, and some data you might have generated from inside the game. There is also an option for any player to remove at any time, all traces left in the game. We want to make our point without using any deceptive tricks or deceiving the player, which would be easy but would put us in the same category as those we are trying to expose.

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