Naked on Pluto Alpha Release

screenshot naked on pluto 1

This is the alpha release of Naked on Pluto!

We hope you enjoy your stay on Pluto. Please read our privacy policy if you are worried about the game accessing your data. It’s a short and readable!

If you are having difficulty navigating the game, you can consult the help-file (blue rectangle on the left of the screen).

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4 Responses to “Naked on Pluto Alpha Release”

  1. Haha you think that I’m going to tell? Besides… which key? ;)

  2. hehe still stuck looking or the bathroom key!! ;)
    so far so good !

  3. Peter Baker says:

    Hi, i’m sorry but can’t make this program work, it starts loading then stop at a random point of it. i tried with several internet explorers, such as IE8, firefox 3 & Chrome. all java scripts unblocked…

    What should i do? / Am I the only one?

    thank you, can’t wait to try

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