Puredyne is aimed at creative people, looking for tools outside the standard. It provides the best experimental creative applications alongside a solid set of graphic, audio and video tools in a fast, minimal package. For everything from sound art to innovative filmmaking.

Puredyne is optimised for use in realtime audio and video processing. It distinguishes itself by offering a low latency kernel and the high responsiveness needed by artists working in this field.

Puredyne is based on Ubuntu and Debian Live. All packages provided by Puredyne can be used if you are running this flavour of GNU/Linux. Use, share, copy, modify, join the development team or fork :)

Puredyne development has been made possible by Arts Council England. Thanks to the University of Huddersfield, LABoral - Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial and Pixelache for additional support. Previous versions of Puredyne were based on dynebolic which brought some of the great innovations in the bootable-linux world, so we are grateful to dynebolic for much technical + spiritual inspiration.

Software highlights

puredata, supercollider, csound, chuck, ladspa plugins, ardour, audacity, ecasound, ...
gimp, inkscape, fluxus, freej, processing + extras, imagemagick, gthumb, gphoto2, ...
mplayer, vlc, avidemux, kino, mencoder, transcode, luvcview, xawtv, recordmydesktop, ...
icecast2, ices2, ffmpeg2theora, oggfwd, darkice, darksnow, gstreamer, dvswitch, ...
firefox, links2, network-manager, wireless-tools, ssh, telnet, gftp, irssi, nfs, ...
gcc, make, patchutils, subversion, mercurial, bzr, emacs-goodies-el, java jdk, python, ...

...and much more:

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