Get Puredyne one of two ways: (1) download and burn it on a CD or DVD, (2) download and create your own bootable USB stick.

(1) Download and create a live CD or DVD

Download the latest Puredyne version 9.11 - carrot and coriander - from one of these:

or by BitTorrent:

And here's our guide how to create a live CD/DVD for your PC or Mac.

(We are always looking for new mirrors - see this mailing list post and get in touch.)

(2) Create your own bootable USB

closed puredyne usb with reflection

You can also create your own bootable USB stick. It takes a bit of effort, but it's well worth it! Using the provided script you can easily create a liveUSB or liveHD directly from an existing ISO, or better, directly from Puredyne itself! Instructions here

PC ONLY: the current stick cannot boot on Mac (do you know why? tell us!)

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