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Elastic Versailles is in desperate need of a newspaper. The days where you’d actually have to travel to Pluto to get a glimpse of the wholesome and glamorous life within the walls of Elastic Versailles are almost over. We are training a group of reporter bots to do live reports from Pluto and we’re mere days away from the launch of the official, state controlled newspaper ‘Naked on Pluto’.

In search of inspiration Elastic Versailles’ News Agency has been looking at other independent, state controlled newspapers and broadcasters. Is there a common style?

The Voice of Korea sports a blue-skies-all-is-well design and writing style, as demonstrated in the article “Pigeon-Raisers Family” enjoys an optimistic life”

Various entertainments and optimistic life of Kim Yong Gun’s family were an epitome of the rich feelings of the Korean people who always live an optimistic life with confidence in their future.

Voice of Korea

The People’s Republic of China’s newspapers have a more dry design but this doesn’t stop their adoration for the CPC’s way of life shining through in the articles, such as in “CPC phenomenon” enriches human history” from Xinhua News.

A host of international observers are of the view that in terms of the development of humanity, the practice of the CPC leading the Chinese people toward a just, democratic, prosperous and happy society offers a more convincing choice.

Xinhua NewsPeople's Daily

Kayhan News is a newspaper from Iran, directly under the supervision of the Office of the Supreme Leader. It has made the news internationally calling France’s first lady Carla Bruni an “Italian prostitute” and “the singer and decadent actress who managed to break [up] the Sarkozy family” who “deserves to die” for her “perverted lifestyle”, after she wrote an open letter to Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who is facing death by hanging for alleged adultery.

Kayhan News

More research needs to be done in order to find the appropriate style and design for our Plutonian news.

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