Herbarium workshops
16 November – 10 December 2006
Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, NL

Netherlands Media Art Institute and GOTO10


Herbarium is a short but intense 30 minutes workshop with Amsterdam schoolkids aged 12 to 16. The classes visited the Netherlands Media Art Institute during the exhibition Natural Habitat. In the workshop everyone designs their own virtual plant and lets it grow on their screen. They give the plant a name and a short description. We collected all designed plants in our online Herbarium: http://metabiosis.goto10.org/herbarium


The workshop was taught by Marloes de Valk and Aymeric Mansoux. A small piece of software was written especially for the workshops. The software uses an Lsystem that takes a string of numbers (the “dna” of the plant), the amount of iterations of the Lsystem, an angle and a color. With this information entered, a “plant” is drawn on the screen. If the creator is happy with the results, the plant is given a name, a short description and eventually, a place in the herbarium. Herbarium is part of the Metabiosis project. (2006)
For more information about the Metabiosis project, please visit the project site http://metabiosis.goto10.org


Metabiosis is made possible with support from: Netherlands Media Art Institute, Kunsthochshule fur Medien Koln, and the Digital Research Unit