semi-rigid urethane even better?

input - December 15th, 2007 - Marloes de Valk - No Comments

My little epoxy shop was finally up and running, working like a charm and heading for great success until… well until I ran out of epoxy and went to the shop to find out they DIDN’T ORDER ANY NEW AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I only produced 1/3 of the total needed amount so had no choice but to look for alternatives… Fast curing alternatives, cause time was running out. I found a semi-rigid urethane that had a few good points and a few bad ones. Good points: with a little accelerator added (so-cure) it cures in a few hours and is de-moldable in 1 hour! It is semi-rigid, so it is super easy to handle. Bad points: it is yellow :( and not as transparent as the epoxy… In the end I think the speed of production won from the yellow and I got myself 2 liters of urethane, some so-cure and a proper release agent. The shop is back in action.


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