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Plutonian Striptease lectures at LiWoLi 2011

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

astounding stories of super-science

Art Meets Radical Openness: Liwoli 2011

Guests Friday 13 May

Marloes de Valk – and
Owen Mundy –
Dusan Barok –

Guests Saturday 14 May

Nicolas Malevé –
Margaritha Köhl –
Pippa Buchanan (Mozilla Webcraft) –
Birgit Bachler –

‘Plutonian Striptease’ is a 2 evening lecture series, filled with short 30 minute lectures on social media, online privacy, the data market and the economy of open systems.

We all share a lot of information with others online. Not only voluntarily and consciously via public parts of social media, but also unknowingly, by searching, purchasing, browsing… And on top of that, non-public parts of the web are being scraped to complete the already very detailed profiles data brokers and listening companies have on us. (more…)