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Our Life online – Workshop+debate – 24 February 2012 at CCCB

Friday, February 17th, 2012

The first session of I+C+i 2012 carries out a critical explanation of software policies, the notion of identity on the social networks and the impact of simulation caused by new artificial life applications. A workshop taught by Naked on Pluto, winners of the VIDA 13.2 prize and Gerald Kogler, and a discussion with the participation of experts such as Jussi Parikka, Pau Waelder, Aymeric Mansoux, and Mónica Bello, promise an intense day of action and reflection on lesser known aspects of our life on the web.

Session organised in collaboration with Fundación Telefónica.


Plutonian Striptease lectures at LiWoLi 2011

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

astounding stories of super-science

Art Meets Radical Openness: Liwoli 2011

Guests Friday 13 May

Marloes de Valk – and
Owen Mundy –
Dusan Barok –

Guests Saturday 14 May

Nicolas Malevé –
Margaritha Köhl –
Pippa Buchanan (Mozilla Webcraft) –
Birgit Bachler –

‘Plutonian Striptease’ is a 2 evening lecture series, filled with short 30 minute lectures on social media, online privacy, the data market and the economy of open systems.

We all share a lot of information with others online. Not only voluntarily and consciously via public parts of social media, but also unknowingly, by searching, purchasing, browsing… And on top of that, non-public parts of the web are being scraped to complete the already very detailed profiles data brokers and listening companies have on us. (more…)

BoF + Constant + NoP Public Lecture at Piet Zwart Institute

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Public Lecture: Joris van Hoboken, Nicolas Malevé and Aymeric Mansoux
Date: Wednesday, 16/03/2011
Time: doors open at 18:45, lecture begins at 19:00
Location: Mauritsstraat 36, Rotterdam
Entrance free
streamed at:

Bringing together artists, programmers and theorists, Sniff, Scrape, Crawl… is a series of lectures examining the porous borders of privacy in the digital age. Previous public events in this series have touched upon a wide rage of topics such as surveillance, data-mining, the function and limits of anonymity, and the profound influence of network architecture on social, political and legal issues.