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Facebook mis à nu

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Naked on Pluto in liberation

The French paper ‘Liberation’ has published an article on Naked on Pluto in it’s weekend edition of 16 and 17 Januari 2011. In the paper version the game is immersively called Naked in Pluto. Here’s a translation (French version below)!

Facebook undressed
The text game “Naked on Pluto” turns personal data into an interactive adventure on social networks.

By: MARIE LECHNER (translation: Marloes de Valk)

Naked as a jaybird you arrive on Pluto, the city of a thousand pleasures, the Las Vegas of the solar system, under the command of Elastic Versailles, a corrupted artificial intelligence. Naked on Pluto is a text based adventure on Facebook, which integrates a player’s personal data and that of his “friends” as elements in this thrilling interactive fiction. (more…)

To Privacy and Beyond!

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Just finished reading Issue 19 of Open, ‘Beyond Privacy, new perspectives on the public and private domains‘. The angle is to stop crying over spilt milk, “taking the present situation of ‘post-privacy’ for what it is and trying to gain insight into what is on the horizon in terms of new subjectivities and power constructions”. I particularly enjoyed the articles by Daniel Solove and Felix Stalder, both redefining privacy (not a fan of Stalder’s 2.0 addition, but the article is a good read) while refraining from putting all responsibility on the user/consumer/citizen, and investigating strategies for law and state to better protect the right of individuals to privacy.

In “Autonomy and Control in the Era of Post-privacy”, Felix Stalder argues for Privacy 2.0: new strategies for connective opacity that should make clear what people outside a network can see of what goes on inside, and what providers of those infrastructures can see of the inside as well, and all of that using mandatory transparency of the protocols they use to provide their services, so that discrimination can be contested. (more…)